Waste containers

If you have waste that needs to be disposed of regularly or now and again, we can supply you with a container on a long or short-term basis. In addition to waste containers for scrap metal or iron, we also provide containers for the collection of building, demolition and bulky waste, rubble, wood and monostreams such as paper, cardboard, residual waste and plastic. We rent out waste disposal containers varying in size from 3 m³ up to and including 40 m³. We have suitable containers for every type of material. Because we have our own fleet of vehicles, we can respond promptly to our clients’ requirements.

You can deliver your waste to us yourself rather than renting our waste containers. The waste delivered will be charged by weight with the exception of metal, paper and cardboard for which you will receive the applicable rate on the day in question. Please contact us for our current rates.

Corporate clients

Our enthusiastic specialists will be happy to draw up a suitable recycling plan for our corporate clients.

Private clients

We have a webshop where private clients can order any kind of container they may need.