Metal recycling

The Van Leeuwen Recycling Groep collects all kinds of metals, from iron to platinum, and processes them. We are the right address for both private and corporate clients.
We have all the requisite licences for the responsible, environmentally friendly processing of these important secondary raw materials. Because of their global scarcity, it is vital that we reduce the consumption of raw materials. Humankind is very dependent on metals and their recycling will, as a result, become increasingly important for society in the future.
On entry, metals are checked for radioactivity by means of a radiation detector portal. All the materials are subsequently sorted and weighed and various qualities are assessed. The Van Leeuwen Recycling Groep is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for processing scrap and metals. It goes without saying that, after the required initial processing, all the metals are transported to recognised final processors, after which they can be used for further recycling.

Revenue from metals
Are you curious as to what your metal, old or new, will yield? You will always get a good price for your scrap metal from us. Call our sales department for current prices.

T. +31 88 – 283 94 00

Compulsory identification and registration of name, address and residence
From 1 January 2013, we are obliged to note your name, address and residence when we buy any metals from you for cash. You must also be able to furnish proof of your identity in the form of a valid identity card if you wish to sell copper, copper cable and/or copper alloys for cash.