Destruction of overstocks and remainders

In certain situations, goods must be destroyed. In consultation with insurance companies and other clients, Van Leeuwen Group will ensure that batches of illegal or unsaleable goods are officially destroyed, possibly under the supervision of the customs authorities. By issuing a certificate of destruction, we allow the owner of the goods to claim a reimbursement of the import tariffs paid in relation to the goods.

What does the destruction of goods entail?

Destruction in the context of product destruction means that commercial goods become unusable are rendered and thus no longer usable for the purpose for which they were intended. Destruction involves the infliction of such damage to the product that this action is irreversible. The waste stream that then remains from destruction is similarly separated as all other waste that comes in through our container services for metal and waste recycling, among other things. In this way, we can also convert this waste stream as much as possible into new raw materials, and thus together we make the world a little greener.

We can destroy your electronic waste too!

The Van Leeuwen Group is WEEELABEX certified and is therefore also the right party to destroy your electrical and electronic appliances from residual batches. We will carefully separate your equipment during this product destruction in order to recycle the different materials in the best possible way. In this way, we currently achieve a recycling rate of no less than 90% for large appliances and 91% for small household appliances and ICT.

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