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We are Van Leeuwen Group. Although we were originally located in Gouwstraat, we have since switched to a location on the banks of the gorgeous Meuse river in Rotterdam-Zuid. The company was founded in 1967 by our father and grandfather Bep van Leeuwen, meaning we have specialised in waste disposal for a long time. We properly take care of your waste! Not only do we recycle scrap metal and other waste streams, but we also disassemble and dismantle cooling, dry and tank containers.

Van Leeuwen Group can take care of each step of the processing procedure, from start to finish. For instance, we can arrange all the documents you need and use our own means of road transport to deliver equipment and pick up waste, but we also issue certificates of destruction. Moreover, Van Leeuwen Group has its own depot on the banks of the Meuse river, where goods transported by water can be received on the quayside. The depot comes with systems and facilities that allow for the sorting, processing or destruction of waste and/or scrap metal. All waste and scrap metal is processed and transported to the right organisation or buyer in an environmentally friendly manner, meaning you can be sure that your waste and scrap metal are destroyed or recycled in the most sustainable manner, and that Van Leeuwen Group is the perfect company to deal with your every waste disposal job. Together we’ll seek to make the future greener for ourselves and for the environment!



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