Towards a circular economy

Van Leeuwen Group has chosen to walk the green route towards a circular economy. Our mission is to create added value in the conversion of waste into a resource. Therefore, we prepare waste as best possible for the final processing procedures it will undergo at the final processors.

Giving scrap metal a second lease on life

Each waste stream requires a different treatment process and therefore all waste arriving at The Van Leeuwen Group therefore separated upon arrivaldemolished and pre-processed. In this way, we are able to in an excellent condition to a suitable final processor transport, where the waste will be used for reuse. For examplet rubble, for example, converted into rubble granulate, and this can again be used in the construction of houses and the building of new roads. The same goes for wood waste, which can be converted into new wood panels. But why? Quite simply! By converting waste into raw materials, less and less waste is burned nationally and internationally, and we need fewer and fewer new raw materials. The result? A significant reduction in our CO2 emissions and a reduction in resource depletion!

Efficient processes and smart chips

Thanks to the smart and efficient design of our waste-sorting system, we are able to give a large percentage of the waste we collect a second lease on life. We seek to the best of our ability to prevent materials from being tainted by dirt and to make sure that they are clean when they go the final processor for a high-quality application. Even so, we always seek to improve this waste-sorting system and all the processes involved, and we will continue to do so until we are able to recycle all (100%) of the waste we receive. In our vision for the future, we no longer see ourselves as waste collectors, but rather as genuine resource suppliers. Preparing waste for a second life will allow us to reach that goal.

In addition, our containers, bins and skips come equipped with smart chips, meaning we always know where our containers, bins and skips are at any given moment. This not only significantly reduces the amount of red tape we have to deal with, but also reduces container theft! We not only wish to apply these technological opportunities to the most efficient localisation and clearance of containers, though. We also want to lift our overall method to a higher level in the future by dealing with data smartly in our core processes.

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