We are
Van Leeuwen Group

We are the
Van Leeuwen Group

We specialise in the recycling of construction waste and scrap metal. We believe in sustainable recycling and seek to conserve the environment.

Certified services

We never lose sight of the environmen.


Issued by our team of experts.

Generous residual
value pay-out

For corporate and private clients.

Business resolved quickly
and business-like

Just as you like it.

We help make Rotterdam
a cleaner place

We help make Rotterdam
a cleaner place

Read our story and learn more about Van Leeuwen Group. We have more than 55 years’ experience in the business. Let us take you back to where it all began...

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Towards a circular economy – together!

How? Find out more about Van Leeuwen Group’s road to a sustainable society and a world without waste

A suitable service for every job

From metal and waste recycling to destruction and dismantling, find out what the Van Leeuwen Group can serve you with!