The Van Leeuwen Recycling Groep

We have been a household name in Rotterdam and environs since 1967. We recycle scrap metal and waste, both nationally and internationally, from our base in the beautiful Rotterdam-Zuid on the Maas. Our professional staff guarantee the efficient, environmentally friendly processing of various metals and types of waste. Our specialities include the disassembly and dismantling of refrigerated, dry and tank containers. We take care of every single step of the processing procedure, including all the requisite documentation, the use of our own road transport and the issue of a destruction certificate. Furthermore, the Van Leeuwen Recycling Groep has its own depot on the Maas, where it can receive goods transported by water at the quay. Here, installations and facilities separate, process or demolish the metals and/or waste on arrival. All the metals and waste are processed in an environmentally friendly manner and dispatched to the right authorities or customers. This means that you can be sure that your metals and waste are being recycled or destroyed in the most sustainable fashion possible and that the Van Leeuwen Recycling Groep is the right address for any job involving waste.

Our services

  • Waste containers
  • Demolition containers
  • Purchasing and sale of metals
  • Collection of paper
  • Collection of industrial waste
  • Archive destruction
  • Rental of building units
  • Temporary storage of household goods
  • Rental of vehicles
  • Rental of machinery
  • Destruction of residual batches for both companies and private individuals.

We stand for

geld-icoon-20High remuneration for residual scrap

advies-icoon-2 Expert advice, including on environmental aspects

certificaat-icoon-20 Certified services

handen-icoon-20 Rapid handling of transactions

advies-icoon-20 Personal advice


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Mon through Fri 07:00 to 17:00
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We are closed on public holidays